Morrissey at the Microsoft Theater. Words by Stephen Tenney

The Pope of Mope Brings Joy to the City of Angels

Words by Stephen Tenney

Photo: Steve Rose/Goldenvoice

Photo: Steve Rose/Goldenvoice

The day after Halloween at the Microsoft Theater, Moz graced a very grateful crowd with his intense being. Providing that crowd with a stage presence that can only be described as one third philosopher, one third vegan elitist, and one third musical genius, Morrissey seemed to dazzle attendees with his distinctive croon.  So much so it forces you to wonder whether they are marveling at his talent or at his sheer magnitude of persona. As someone who enjoys him, but doesn’t worship him, I can honestly say his voice and vocal stylings were wonderful. His setlist did a fine job of reminding the crowd of why they were there while also leaving them wondering why a few hits were left out. (The More You Ignore Me being a personal favorite that was left off) Moz did perform Smiths classics How Soon is Now and Is it Really so Strange as well a plethora of his solo catalogue with gusto. Overall, the crowd was treated to the very thing they craved... Morrissey himself.


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