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Dream Theater

Dream Theater at The Wiltern. Photos and words by Steve Rose

A Night of Sonic Ecstasy with Dream Theater

Photo: Steve Rose

Photo: Steve Rose

Photos and words by Steve Rose

As the sun was setting in Los Angeles, The Wiltern was the place to be as fans lined up for blocks to catch the second of two sold-out nights at the famed venue. There were numerous clusters of fans discussing what songs they thought they might hear, how many times they’ve seen the band, and what their favorite album was. 

Once inside the venue, the conversations continued as new fans chimed in with their selections. It was really just a way to pass the time and connect with strangers as the anticipation was building toward the eight o’clock start time. Shortly after eight, the lights dimmed and the video screen began to play a series of animated images as the band members emerged from the shadows and took their places on stage. Just as the audience’s anticipation was at it’s peak, the opening notes of “Untethered Angel” began and the crowd erupted. The band played three more songs from it’s latest release Distance Over Time, including “Pale Blue Dot,” which was the last song of the first set, and one of the overall highlights of the night. Throughout the first set, fans from the front row to the last row in the venue were playing air guitar, air drums, air bass, and even air keyboard. It was really special to see the kind of affect their music has on such a vast majority of people. 

Distance Over Time is the band’s fourteenth release and has garnered a lot of praise since it’s release last month. Like with any Dream Theater album, there are a number of standout tracks, and the band did a great job selecting key songs each night that really help showcase how great this latest album is. After a brief intermission, the band returned to the stage and played Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory in its entirety. They are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of this album and the fans went crazy from the first notes played in “Regression”  to the end of the final track, “Finally Free.” Throughout the second set, there were fist bumps, raised hands to the sky, singing along with the band, and even some tears.

It was a treat to have Dream Theater format their show this way and give the fans a little bit of everything and even more special that they were here for two nights. The tour is just beginning and be sure not to miss them when they are in your town