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Joshua Hedley

Joshua Hedley and Kelsey Waldon at the Moroccan Lounge. Photos by Steve Rose and words by Stephen Tenney

Joshua Hedley Brings his Soulful Country Crooning to LA

Photos by Steve Rose and words by Stephen Tenney

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Photo: Steve Rose

Josh Hedley is capable of doing something that very few folks these day seem able to do, remind us that country music is cool as hell. Last night at the Moroccan Lounge, he did just that. Backed by The Headliners, Josh walked through his debut album “Mr. Jukebox” with equal parts swagger and effortlessness that brings a level of awe that is only outweighed by the sudden realization of how lacking in those elements so many of his contemporaries are. Highlights from the set included Counting all My Tears, Weird Thought Thinker, and (of course) Mr. Jukebox. A nice mid-set surprise was a solo rendition of the Willie Nelson classic, Whiskey River. The crowd was also treated to a stellar opener in Kelsey Waldon, whose diminutive frame only goes to accentuate the vocal power and prowess that resides within. 

Joshua Hedley

Kelsey Waldon